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HPTA Annual Golf Outing - September 30, 2017


Road Clean Up Picture 4/29/17

Golf Outing Pictures

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Violet Ave. Twosome Race Pictures

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Benefit Trust Information is now Online!

Your Benefit Trust officers have been working hard to make your access to this important information a little easier. Just click on the link to the left to go to Benefit Trust!


Hyde Park Teachers Pitch In for a Cleaner Hyde Park

Roadside litter can cost untold dollars annually to control. Often, it is impossible to keep up with the trash that thoughtless people have dumped on us. Several years ago, the HPTA adopted St. Andrews Road in Hyde Park. We have received many compliments from the community on behalf of this effort. We need your help! When it is your school's month to clean - join your colleagues in this light physical activity that (believe it or not) is actually a little fun. If you have never tried it - consider getting some friends together and volunteer this year!

Some of the benefits for the HPTA include:

•Gain recognition from thousands of community members driving by our sign every day.
•Benefit from a favorable image in the local community.
•Leave an everlasting, positive impression on the environment and the community.


Several students from Mr. Daniels' Class were among those that donated coats for this year's Coat Drive.

HPTA Coat Drive Underway

The annual HPTA Coat Drive, in conjunction with Guardian Storage who collects for Dutchess Outreach, is a worthwhile cause. Please consider sending in any outgrown coats to your school's collection box. Together we can help keep others warm this winter!


NYSUT Honors HPTA for VOTE/COPE Contributions!

Every year, HPTA members generously donate to the VOTE/COPE campaign! NYSUT has recognized our local for its high percentage of donating members.


Do you have anything to add???

HPTA's award winning newsletter is only as good as the input we receive from you! Please consider sending in your thoughts - be they completed editorials, or simply ideas you have for articles of interest.

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Benefit Trust Fund
Kim Peralta, Chairperson
Norma McDonald, Secretary
Ruth Sprague, Treasurer
Shana Keeling
Michael Stephan
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HPTA Executive Council

Building Representatives
Union Representatives

Mary Beth Scattergood

First Vice President
Helene Bozlinski

Co-Second Vice President
Betty Chasan
Maryann Williams

Felicia Olson

Jamie Conway

Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School
Chief: Maryann Mullen
Ruth Sprague
Dennis McMahon
Gina Saraceno
Glen Burger
Jen Parker, Intern

Haviland Middle School
Chief: Susan Beaudry
Jeff Dropauer
Linda Fasolino
Doreen Boone-Pitcher
Deborah Kravchuk, Intern

Netherwood Elementary School
Co-Building Rep. Nancy Molzon
Co-Building Rep. Joan Miller

North Park Elementary School
Co-Building Rep. Chris Pushong
Co-Building Rep. Joan Magnuson

Ralph R. Smith Elementary School
Co-Building Rep. Heather Idema
Co-Building Rep.
Jessica Cole

Violet Avenue Elementary School
Co-Building Rep. Tim Daniels
Co-Building Rep. Rick Sutton

NYSUT / AFT Delegates
Chief: Adam Deans, (2015)
Maryann Mullen, Alternate
Mary Beth Scattergood, (2015)
Margaret Robelee, Alternate
Jennifer Morris, (2016)
Vacant - Alternate
Joanne Dederer, Alternate
Jeff Dropauer, (2015)
Dan Hassoun, Alternate

NYSUT Committee of 100 Delegate

NYSTRS Delegates
Linda Boughton
Paige Kelly

Public Relations Coordinator
Tim Daniels

Negotiating Team
Mary Beth Scattergood
Helene Bozlinski
Jennifer Morris
Adam Deans
Maryann Mullen

Committee of 100
Linda Fasolino

New Member Coordinator
Jen Parker

Benefit Trust Committee
Chairperson: Kim Peralta
Norma McDonald, Secretary
Ruth Sprague, Treasurer
Michael Stephan

Shana Keeling

Sick Leave Bank Committee
Helene Bozlinski
Felicia Olson
Sue Cerulli

Ad Hoc Committees
Elections: Vacant
Scholarship: Maryann Mullen, (Chair), Andrea Ceonzo, Larena Fox, Jessica Nicosia, & Vacant Elementary
Beginnings & Endings: Linda Boughton
Professional Development: Helene Bozlinski, Marybeth Scattergood, Felicia Olson, Adam Deans, Jennifer Morris, Maryann Mullen, & Jamie Conway

VOTE / COPE Coordinator
Felicia Olson

Website Designer / Computer Coordinator
Robert Knox

HPTA Calendar of Events 2014 - 2015

August 27, 2014
Executive Council Meeting
September 11, 2014 Executive Council Meeting
October 2, 2014 Executive Council Meeting
October 22, 2014 Executive Council Meeting
November 13, 2014 Executive Council Meeting
December 11, 2014 Executive Council Meeting
January 8, 2015 Executive Council Meeting
January 28, 2015 Executive Council Meeting
February 12, 2015 Executive Council Meeting
March 5, 2015 Executive Council Meeting
March 12, 2015 Blood Drive at Hyde Park Elementary
March 25, 2015 Executive Council Meeting
April 16, 2015 Executive Council Meeting
April 29, 2015 Executive Council Meeting
May 7, 2015 Executive Council Meeting
May 19, 2015 Executive Council Meeting
May 27, 2015 Executive Council Meeting
June 11, 2015 Saturday - Road Clean-Up
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